If you’re a fleet owner or an owner operator or even a company driver, time is MONEY!  The less time you spend looking for that next load is time spent on other productive things like driving, maintenance or other business aspects or even spending better quality time with the family.

Hauling Livestock is a seasonal business as you all well know. Let Terry at Maverick Truck Dispatch try to fill in those slow times as well as keep em running when it’s busy. With high fuel and other cost of operations, it pays better to keep that truck loaded both ways.

Usual turn around time on the money is 2–3 weeks after the load has been delivered, sometimes faster if you get your paperwork sent in a timely fashion. Again, some exceptions do apply.  Some customers pay every 30 days, not many though.

Maverick Truck Dispatch is also set up with COMDATA. For those little emergencies that can happen out there while you’re under a load.

Maverick Truck Dispatch charges 5% for dispatch fees and .10 cents per head for transit insurance.  The insurance covers any cripple or individual death loss on a load of livestock.  Now that’s cheap protection!  Some exceptions do apply.

It’s a toll free call, so it does not cost you anything to let Terry know you’re out there looking.  So give him a call, and tell him where you are and where you’re looking to go. "One call does it all."

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With Maverick Truck Dispatch "One call does it all!"
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